Q: People keep downing my Crosley record Player. is it really that bad?

A: Listen, if that's where your budget is or what you have space for, let them hate. But, there are certainly better options we would recommend. If you can spend a little more, definitely do so.

Q: Used records are supposed to be cheap so why are some of yours so...not cheap?

A: In a sentence, quality over quantity. In a little more, that might as well be our motto. For our used selection, we focus on offering primarily mint (M) or near mint (NM) copies. Many of these are out of print or just really difficult to find. We bring value to you by doing that sourcing work for you. And yes, better pressings simply cost more, though we try to make sure we're reasonable with it. 

Q: dO you all purchase Records? I have a ton in my basement/garage/attic/treehouse.

A: We certainly do purchase records from private collections! Again, we're really only interested in pristine copies of records (both in record itself and sleeve/jacket). If you have some records you think might be a good fit, let us know here.

Q: I don't see many genres represented...what's up with the narrow focus?

A: We know our lane and love staying in it. The vast majority of record shops give not as much attention to the genres represented on our website. We love them (no, really, we do) but we're not them. Our goal is to do a few things better than anyone else rather than many things at the same level as everyone else.

Welcome to our lane. Drive slow, homie.