40 Acres N Sum Mula - JuJu Rogers

40 Acres N Sum Mula - JuJu Rogers


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JuJu’s 40 Acres N Sum Mula sits in its own corner of hip-hop at the moment. There are witty bars, beats that hit hard but, also, there’s something entirely different present as well. There’s an authenticity in his tone and in what he’s saying that makes listening to his music feel like you’ve known him for many years already. Like he’s a cousin you see once in a while, but you’re always glad you had time together after leaving one another. As could be guessed from the title, JuJu tackles a lot of themes involving overcoming challenges within oneself in light of surrounding environments. It’s real without being too preachy or specific to his own life situations. A solid break from the current hip-hop norm and an album you’ll be glad you didn’t miss.


Side A

  1. Intro

  2. 89

  3. Real S***

  4. Black Thursday (feat. SANÓ)

  5. Follow Me

Side B

  1. Mula

  2. 10 Yas

  3. Identity

  4. God (feat. Sampa the Great)

  5. Babylon