All for Love - New Edition

All for Love - New Edition


From Candy Girl to Whispering In Bed…the boys grew up!

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By 1985, New Edition had developed a sizable fan base with breakout hits from earlier albums (“Candy Girl” and “Cool It Now” come to mind). On their third album, All for Love, the gents started to mature just a slight bit. They sounded less like 10-year-old chipmunks but still retained some of the playfulness that got them the the huge following to begin with. The content within the songwriting grew up a tad as well, but not too much. Some of it was definitely a bit “boy band manufactured” but, still full of that 80’s programed claps and snares that make this music still hit (and stand out) today.

This used LP and sleeve are in near-mint condition.


Side A

  1. Count Me Out

  2. A Little Bit Of Love (Is All It Takes)

  3. Sweet Thing

  4. With You All The Way

  5. Let's Be Friends

Side B

  1. Kick Back

  2. Tonight's Your Night

  3. Whispers In Bed

  4. Who Do You Trust

  5. School

  6. All For Love