Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers

Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers

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Drummer Art Blakey is revered as one of the best jazz drummers (if not the best) of all time. Beyond his technical ability, what he did with the Jazz Messengers was unparalleled and could only be seen replicated today in The Roots. Blakey formed earlier iterations of the Jazz Messengers in the late 1940s but, the groups were too large and couldn’t support themselves financially. Later, in the mid and late 1950’s, Art rebooted the idea, focusing on relatively unknown jazz musician to create with. The Jazz Messengers always changed members while keeping Art at the helm. Over time, it became a sort of rite-of-passage for newer jazz artists to say that they played as a Jazz Messenger as some point in their career. This album had the hit song “Moanin’” which some also attribute as the title of the LP. As much as the uptempo, hard bop music on this LP won over crowds, Art’s influence on jazz and constant cultivation of newer acts keeps his sound and legacy alive today.


Side A

  1. Moanin'

  2. Are You Real

  3. Along Came Betty

Side B

  1. The Drum Thunder (Miniature) Suite

    1. First Theme: Drum Thunder

    2. Second Theme: Cry A Blue Tear

    3. Third Theme: Harlem's Disciples

  2. Blues March

  3. Come Rain Or Come Shine