Arthur Verocai - Arthur Verocai

Arthur Verocai - Arthur Verocai


When not giving up on your dream pays off.

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U.K. based record label Mr. Bongo has been putting it down with new and reissued heat for quite some time now. Their reissue of the classic self-title album Arthur Verocai is one in a long line of gems they’ve made sure are preserved via vinyl. Originally released in 1972, Arthur set himself apart as a unique contributor to the Brazilian sound. He’d done lots of production for others, including bigger act like Célia and Elis Regina before being able to have a shot a his own solo album years later. He took the best of funk, folk, and traditional Brazilian sounds and truly made them his own on a album that still stand decades later. This specific reissue has been remastered at Abbey Road studios and ready for it’s place among your collection!


Side A

  1. Caboclo

  2. Pelas Sombras

  3. Sylvia

  4. Presente Grego

  5. Dedicada A Ela

Side B

  1. Seriado

  2. No Boca Do Sol

  3. Velho Parente

  4. O Mapa

  5. Karina (Domingo no Grajaú)