Face the Nation - Kid 'N Play

Face the Nation - Kid 'N Play


Party with a fist in the air.

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The epic late 80’s/early 90’s duo tried to strike one more time for magic on their third LP, Face the Nation. And they hit…kinda. The LP did contain a relatively big hit “Ain’t Gon Hurt Nobody.” But, the album did not chart or sell well. And that’s a shame because this album has some heat on it! Joints like “Got A Good Thing Going On” and “Back on Wax” could have easily been hit singles with the proper push. But, with the strong messaging (and success) of groups like Public Enemy, Kid N Play couldn’t overcome the overlap to stay in front of the growing Hip-Hop community’s faces. Still, this album knocks and you’ll be glad you have it in your collection!

This used LP is in near-mint (NM) condition and the sleeve is in very good (VG) condition.


Side A

  1. It's Alright Y'all

  2. Back On Wax

  3. Got A Good Thing Going On

  4. Next Question

  5. Face The Nation

  6. Foreplay

Side B

  1. Slippin'

  2. Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody

  3. Give It Here

  4. Bill's At The Door

  5. Toe To Toe (Fat R&B Mix)