Boomerang Soundtrack - Various Artists

Boomerang Soundtrack - Various Artists


So. Many. Classics! This soundtrack had just about every hit imaginagable at that time. Click through to see more of the genius of Babyface and L.A. Reid.

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Yes, Boomerang the movie is a classic. No attempt at disputing this is acceptable! However, the soundtrack you see here is equally as monumental. P.M. Dawn's "I'd Die Without You" is goodness. Grace Jones blessed with a song that didn't end up in the movie. And we saw the mainstream debut of TLC and Toni Braxton on this soundtrack. That alone is huge. Beyond the firsts, these songs were big hits back in 1992 and still hit hard today. There are a few of these floating around online but very few so well preserved. 

This used album is in Near Mint condition (sleeve and record).


Side A

  1. Give You My Heart - Babyface (feat. Toni Braxton)

  2. It's Gonna Be Alright - Aaron Hall (feat. Charlie Wilson)

  3. Tonight Is Right - Keith Sweat

  4. I'd Die Without You - P.M. Dawn

  5. 7 Day Weekend - Grace Jones

  6. End of the Road - Boyz II Men

Side B

  1. Reversal of a Dog - The LaFace Cartel (TLC, Toni Braxton, Highland Place Mobsters, and Damian Dame)

  2. Love Shoulda Brought You Home - Toni Braxton

  3. There U Go - Johnny Gill

  4. Don't Wanna Love You - Shanice

  5. Feels Like Heaven - Kenny Vaughn & "The Art of Love"

  6. Hot Sex - A Tribe Called Quest