Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album - John Coltrane

Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album - John Coltrane


Previously unheard and unreleased gems from one of Jazz music’s giants.

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One of the great things about genius-level talent is that it just doesn't stop giving...for better or worse. At times, that can mean an artist foresaking family time for studio time. In this case, it means "new" music from one of Jazz music's most lauded and accomplished artists. Until recently, the compositions collected on this album were thought to have been lost to time and space. Now that they've been unearthed, mixed and mastered, we get to enjoy Coltrane anew once again. A few of the songs will be instantly recognizable as they are alternate takes previously released on others albums. However, there are some previously unheard, untitled songs as well. The necessity of adding this to your collection is, hopefully, painfully clear. Get on it!



Side A

  1. Untitled Original 11383

  2. Nature Boy

  3. Untitled Original 11386

  4. Vilia

Side B

  1. Impressions

  2. Slow Blues

  3. One Up, One Down

LP 2

Side C

  1. Vilia (Take 5)

  2. Impressions (Take 1)

  3. Impressions (Take 2)

  4. Impressions (Take 4)

Side D

  1. Untitled Original 11386 (Take 2)

  2. Untitled Original 11386 (Take 5)

  3. One Up, One Down (Take 6)