Brandy - Brandy

Brandy - Brandy


When it was just “[her], Monica, and Babygirl.”

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In some ways, the 1990’s was a wide open field in terms of potential among artists in the R&B field. Fresh out of the New Jack Swing era, label were looking for a new sound not necessarily dominated by the juggernauts of that time (think R. Kelly, Mariah Carey, et al.). Jermaine Dupri was busy beginning is run with acts like Xscape but, the solo artist realm needed some love. In came Aaliyah, Monica, and Brandy. Each within the 1992-1994 window. Brandy’s debut album, Brandy, scored her four Top 40 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 list. And you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing her lead single “I Wanna Be Down.” This reissue celebrates that success while bringing us back to a simpler era in R&B, where you could keep on the clothes, catch a few feels, and make hits folks still care to hear two decades later.


Side A

  1. Movin' On

  2. Baby

  3. Best Friend

  4. I Wanna Be Down

  5. I Dedicate (Part I)

  6. Brokenhearted

  7. I'm Yours

Side B

  1. Sunny Day

  2. As Long As You're Here

  3. Always On My Mind

  4. I Dedicate (Part II)

  5. Love Is On My Side

  6. Give Me You

  7. I Dedicate (Part III)