Bussin' - Devin Morrison

Bussin' - Devin Morrison


Bringing R&B back. Easily.

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Devin Morrison is quickly becoming a favorite worldwide and it’s easy to see why. His 2019 debut album, Bussin’, captures an essence of R&B that’s long been lost for commercial, microwave-music tastes. Backed by the creative energy of his Paris-based label, Nothing But Net (via producer Onra), Morrison, ventured out into what an 90’s R&B could have become had it not chased radio singles for the past 15+ years. Songs like the lead single, “No” are witty and all too real for the average listener. While Devin handled all of the production and writing (which are stellar!), he also got assists from artists like Joyce Wrice, KING, and others that really knocked this project out of the park. Incorporating elements of the cities that made him (Orlando, Fl and Tokyo) as well as his faith, Devin put forth a truly authentic album that is solid front-to-back. Now, enough with the soliloquy…add this instant-need LP to your collection today!

Track List

LP 1

Side A

  1. It’s Time (feat. Dah-Vi)

  2. With You (feat. Joyce Wrice)

  3. Guaranteed (feat. Ace Hashimoto)

Side B

  1. Be Aiight

  2. The Call (407) (feat. KING)

  3. No

LP 2

Side C

  1. Birthday

  2. Bussin’

Side D

  1. The Struggle Iz Real (feat. Daz Dillinger)

  2. Fairytale (feat. Lakks Mable)

  3. Love Yourself