Can I Borrow A Dollar [Clear Vinyl]- Common

Can I Borrow A Dollar [Clear Vinyl]- Common

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Nineteen-year-old Common achieved quite a bit with his debut album Can I Borrow A Dollar? in 1992. While his somewhat nasaly sound was still under development, it was clear he could rap just as well as anyone else from that era. But, at the time, Chicago wasn’t yet seeing a ton of love on the nationwide hip-hop scene. With the bulk of the production handled by Twilite Tone and No I.D., Common sought to change the perception of hip-hop coming out of the midwest. And he did! The soul-driven production laid the ground work for later producers sampling soul that wanted to stand out from production juggernauts like Pete Rock and Large Professor (later giving the world some one like Kanye West). The album’s singles “Breaker 1/9” and “Take It EZ,” didn’t top the charts but did establish Common’s footing as an emcee that could switch styles while still keeping the listener engaged. And all of this is wrapped in an undeniably early 90s south side of Chicago Bulls Starter pull-over essence, further telling the world exactly where Common was rooting himself.


Side A

  1. A Penny For My Thoughts

  2. Charms Alarm

  3. Take It EZ

  4. Heidi Hoe

  5. Breaker 1/9

  6. Two Scoops of Raisons

Side B

  1. No Defense

  2. Blows to the Temple

  3. Just in the Nick of Rhyme

  4. Tricks Up My Sleeve

  5. Puppy Chow

  6. Soul by the Pound

  7. Pitchin’ Pennies