Chapters - Yuna

Chapters - Yuna


Because everyone loves a good story.

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Yuna has been blessing us with her light yet smokey voice since the early 2000’s with several singles, EPs, and guest features. Slowly but surely developing a fanbase built solely on the love of good music (instead of TMZ-esque drama), Yuna has found her lane and remained true to it. In 2016, she released Chapters through Verve, showcasing the evolution in her personal and professional life. This album built on the growing recognition and success she’d see to that point by bringing in some higher profile features to assist on songs like “Used to Love You” (with Jhene Aiko) and “Crush”, the lead single with Usher. Yuna’s Malaysian roots influence her ability to connect with fans back home as well as worldwide. Whether Chapters is you introduction to Yuna or new favorite in her growing catalog, it’s certain a set of smooth song you don’t want missing from your collection.


Side A

  1. Mannequin

  2. Lanes

  3. Crush (feat. Usher)

  4. Unrequited Love

  5. Best Love

Side B

  1. Used to Love You (feat. Jhene Aiko)

  2. Too Close

  3. Best of Me

  4. Your Love

  5. All I Do