Compositions - Anita Baker

Compositions - Anita Baker

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Anita will forever be that artist who’s music serves as the backdrop for so many otherwise mundane parts of live; etched in our collective memory as made more important because her voice was present. Compositions was her fourth studio album and came on the heels of much previous success. She was already a multi-platinum selling artist at this point and could have simply “mailed it in” by producing a few radio hits and calling it a day. However, she still came with the real on this 1990 release. “Talk to Me” was no doubt the breakout single but, other songs like “Soul Inspiration” and “No One to Blame” offer that classic, soulful connection that only Anita Baker could bring.

This used LP and its sleeve are in near-mint (NM) condition.


Side A

  1. Talk to Me

  2. Perfect Love Affair

  3. Whatever It Takes

  4. Soul Inspiration

  5. Lonely

Side B

  1. No One to Blame

  2. More Than You Know

  3. Love You to the Letter

  4. Fairy Tales