CrazySexyCool - TLC

CrazySexyCool - TLC


Album still worth chasing over two decades later.

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On their second album, TLC downplayed their overt rap overtones, recording a smooth, seductive collection of contemporary soul reminiscent of both Philly soul and Prince, powered by new jack swing-era and hip-hop beats. Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez contributes the occasional rap, but the majority of CrazySexyCool belongs to Tionne Watkins and Rozonda Thomas. As the cover of Prince's ''If I Was Your Girlfriend'' indicates, TLC favored erotic, mid-tempo funk. Yet the group removed any of the psychosexual complexities of Prince's songs, leaving a batch of material that just sounds good, especially the hit singles. Both ''Creep'' and ''Red Light Special'' have a deep groove that accentuates the slinky hooks, but it's ''Waterfalls,'' with its gently insistent horns and guitar lines and instantly memorable chorus, that ranks as one of the classic R&B songs of the '90s.


LP 1

Side A

  1. Intro-lude
  2. Creep
  3. Kick Your Game
  4. Diggin' On You

Side B

  1. Case Of The Fake People
  2. CrazySexyCool - Interlude
  3. Red Light Special
  4. Waterfalls

LP 2

Side C

  1. Intermission-lude
  2. Let's Do It Again
  3. If I Was Your Girlfriend
  4. Sexy - Interlude

Side D

  1. Take Our Time
  2. Can I Get A Witness - Interlude
  3. Switch
  4. Sumthin' Wicked This Way Comes