Dakar - John Coltrane

Dakar - John Coltrane


Kinda John's album but kinda not at the same time. Maybe. Dig in for more details!

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These recordings have lived in a bit of obscurity over the years. With their original release in 1957, the songs Dakar represent about half of an album entitled Baritones and French Horns, credited to the "Prestige All Stars. John was a prestige artist at the time of Dakar's 1963 release and was one of the people who played on the record. As he became a lot more notable, it only made good record label sense to attribute this collection of songs to him. Certainly a gem for the jazz collectors out there!


Side A

  1. Dakar (Teddy Charles) — 7:09

  2. Mary's Blues (Pepper Adams) — 6:47

  3. Route 4 (Charles) — 6:55

Side B

  1. Velvet Scene (Waldron) — 4:53

  2. Witches Pit (Adams) — 6:42

  3. Catwalk (Charles) — 7:11