Eastern Sounds - Yusef Lateef

Eastern Sounds - Yusef Lateef


The master, remastered, and still teaching.

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It’s not a mystery why Yusef Lateef is so revered in jazz music, nor why Eastern Sounds is considered one of his best works throughout his career. Lateef was already on a journey, literally exploring sounds found in eastern lands and cultures. Fusing those rarely heard instruments and sounds into what was then being termed modal jazz was a feat by itself. Then, making original and cover songs that captured the ears of the entire world…darn near impossible, yet something Yusef achieved on this album. This timeless staple has been reissued on blue and black speckle vinyl from the Rudy Van Gelder remasters and sounds just as amazing as it looks!


Side A

  1. The Plum Blossom

  2. Blues For The Orient

  3. Chinq Miau

  4. Don't Blame Me

Side B

  1. Love Theme From Spartacus

  2. Snafu

  3. Purple Flower

  4. Love Theme From The Robe

  5. The Three Faces Of Balal