Eccentric Soul: The Deep City Label

Eccentric Soul: The Deep City Label


Marching 100 band members plus one of the best eras of soul music equals this.

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Willie Clarke, Johnny Pearsall, Clarence Reid, and Arnold Albury set up the city's first black record company, pumping out brassy proto-funk and echo-laden ballads by future hitmakers Betty Wright, Clarence "Blowfly" Reid, and Paul Kelly, plus a dozen can't-miss/did-miss sides by Helene Smith, as well as a slew of 45s bearing Deep City, Lloyd, and Reid labels. Being the first of Numero's twin Florida soul volumes, any Eccentric sojourn through the sunshine state begins with The Deep City Label. This double-LP edition includes six bonus cuts and a plethora of photographs found nowhere else.

-Numero Group


LP 1

Side A

  1. Them Two - Am I A Good Man
  2. The Moovers - Someone To Fulfill My Needs
  3. Helene Smith - I Am Controlled By Your Love
  4. Johnny K. Killens & The Dynamites - I Don't Need Help
  5. Freda Gray - Stay Away From My Johnny

Side B

  1. Helene Smith - Thrills And Chills
  2. Betty Wright - Paralyzed
  3. The Moovers - I Love You Baby
  4. Helene Smith - Pain In My Heart
  5. Paul Kelly - The Upset
  6. The Moovers - One Little Dance

LP 2

Side C

  1. Betty Wright - Good Lovin'
  2. Helene Smith - Willing And Able
  3. Paul Kelly - It's My Baby
  4. Helene Smith - You Got To Do Your Share
  5. Frank Williams - Good Thing Pt. I
  6. The Moovers - Darling I'll Go

Side D

  1. Deep City Band - Am I A Good Man (Instrumental)
  2. The Rocketeers - Stay Away From My Johnny (Instrumental)
  3. Deep City Band - I Love You Baby (Instrumental)
  4. Deep City Band - Good Lovin' (Instrumental)
  5. Frank Williams - Good Thing Pt. 2
  6. Deep City Band - Darling I'll Go (Instrumental)