Examples Volume Two - Eric Lau

Examples Volume Two - Eric Lau


The beat-smith is back with more examples of how it’s done.

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Eric Lau has been carving a nice lane for himself over the past few year with with his understated yet strong beat compositions. In recent years he’s been a frequent collaborator with DJ Jazzy Jeff’s The Playlist (group retreat for like-minded musicians). As with the first Examples installment, Volume Two offers a healthy selection of instrumentals that show Lau’s range while still retaining his sonic mark. The are elements of boom-bap but it’s not boom-bap alone. Elements of the current lo-fi wave but not solely that either. Examples Volume Two is a journey into the sound of almost being super chill, but still with a bit of urgency in its undertones. Well-crafted and a worthy successor front-to-back. This LP also comes with a download code to take the vibes digital as well!


Side A

  1. Runway

  2. Righteous

  3. Do You Like Music?

  4. Val In Time

  5. One And Two And...

  6. Without A Doubt

  7. 7Even

  8. Favourite Truth

  9. NE (Good EN)

  10. Take Me To Brasil

  11. Mirage

  12. Oh Dara

  13. Groovin Sweet

  14. Training

Side B

  1. Jeff's Piano

  2. Dr Slump

  3. What Was On Your Mind?

  4. Super Moon

  5. Feeling Connected

  6. Tape's Rolling

  7. Between Piano

  8. By The Sea

  9. Uploading...

  10. Slow Down

  11. In Plane Astral

  12. The Best Good

  13. Time Is The Greatest Teacher

  14. Our Future