Feels - Snoh Aalegra

Feels - Snoh Aalegra


You never knew all these Feels!

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She had been releasing singles and EPs here and there but, finally, in 2017, Snoh Aalegra delivered her debut LP, Feels. The character of her voice fills a gap in the soul/pop realm and is coupled with equally touching songwriting. Executive produced by No I.D., Feels is best described as soul with an acute clarity of sound and intention. This comes through out most on the lower BPM tracks like “Fool For You” and “Nothing Burns Like the Cold” with Vince Staples. The instrumentation moves the listen why staying out of the way of Aalegra’s commanding voice. And, of course, the title track will make you want to draw comparisons to Amy. But don’t do that. Snoh voice and style are certainly reminiscent but, still, are uniquely fit to be considered in their own right.


Side A

  1. All I Have (Intro)

  2. Sometimes (feat. Logic)

  3. Worse

  4. You Got Me

  5. Out of Your Way

  6. You Keep Me Waiting (feat. Vic Mensa)

  7. Fool For You

Side B

  1. Time

  2. Nothing Burns Like the Cold (feat. Vince Staples)

  3. Feels

  4. Like I Used To (feat. Timbuktu)

  5. Walls

  6. Recent Times