For The Cool In You - Babyface

For The Cool In You - Babyface


Babyface, the only other person outside of Pharrell that hasn’t appeared to age. Oh, and the music on this album is just as timeless too!

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Babyface, along with L.A. Reid, formed 90s RnB (and Hip-Hop) song-by-song into what we have come to know and love today. For The Cool In You, Babyface's third studio album, became one of the breakout moments of his career as a solo artist. While he had been penning and producing well before this 1993 release, this album brought Babyface into the forefront a bit more. Soon after, there wasn't a radio station you could dial into that didn't have his music on repeat. 

The jacket is in very good condition while the record is in near-mint condition.


Side A

  1. For The Cool In You

  2. Lady, Lady

  3. Never Keeping Secrets

  4. Rock Bottom

  5. And Our Feelings

  6. Saturday

Side B

  1. When Can I See You

  2. Illusions

  3. A Bit Old-Fashioned

  4. You Are So Beautiful

  5. I'll Always Love You

  6. Well Alright