Good God! Born Again Funk - Various Artists

Good God! Born Again Funk - Various Artists


Literally the most funk-filled gospel music around.

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"Unofficially the third entry in our Good God! series of ecstatic worship, Born Again Funk picks up where A Gospel Funk Hymnal leaves off. Yes, the prodigal sons of Thomas Dorsey arrived in there multitudes, only some of them toting fuzzboxes and Fender amps. These are the most devout songs, but done up amid the hot, sweaty, earthy moonshine rhythms downed by any blues singer thumbing his way up north from the Mississippi delta. Born Again Funk hones in on wholly modern vulgarity brought to a joyful strain of American composition, and performers unafraid of expressing their devotion with both inspiration and invention. They were acolytes faithful to a spirit, but never to an ordained sound."

-Numero Group


LP 1

Side A

  1. Like A Ship - Pastor T.L. Barrett & The Youth For Christ Choir

  2. I'm Drunk And Real High (In The Spirit Of God) - Ada Richards

  3. Yes God Is Real - Gospel Comforters

  4. Packing A Grip - Golden Echoes

  5. Pray A Little Longer - Lucy "Sister Soul" Rodgers

Side B

  1. If Jesus Came Today - Gospel Soul Revivals

  2. Troubles Of The World - Brother Samuel Cheatham

  3. I Know I've Been Changed - Victory Travelers

  4. God Will Answer - Jordan Travelers

LP 2

Side C

  1. Same Thing It Took - Inspirational Gospel Singers

  2. Somebody Watching You - Sacred Four

  3. Peter And John - Andrew Wartts & The Gospel Storytellers

  4. I Know Him - Holy Disciples Of Chicago, Ill.

Side D

  1. Share Your Love (With The Master) - Sensational Five Singing Sons

  2. I Thank You Lord - Little Chris The Righteous Singers

  3. Coming On Strong, Staying Long - Sensational Five

  4. Been Trying - Chicago Travelers

  5. I'll Take Jesus For Mine - James Austin & The St. Luke Cogil Youth Choir