High Priority - Cherrelle

High Priority - Cherrelle


Cherrelle’s sophomore effort, here to get your life in order.

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Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis strike again. Some would argue that acts like Prince or Madonna owned the mid and late 1980’s. And that wouldn’t necessarily be wrong, just not a full assessment. The Flyte Tyme production duo cranked out hit after hit with artists ranging from household names like Janet Jackson all the way to Cherrelle. 1985’s High Priority was Cherrelle’s sophomore album and, with it, she definitely avoided the sophomore slump. Her debut, Fragile, was a success in terms of sales an charting with Billboard and High Priority was a solid follow up with the most notable hit, “Saturday Love.” Cherrelle wasn’t all pop singles and no substance though. Songs like “Where Do I Run To” also showed off her vocal ability as a true singer in the R&B arena.

This used LP and its sleeve are in near-mint (NM) condition.

Side A

  1. The Opening

  2. You Look Good To Me

  3. Artificial Heart

  4. New Love

  5. Oh No It's U Again

Side B

  1. Saturday Love (feat. Alexander O’Neal)

  2. Will You Satisfy?

  3. Where Do I Run To

  4. High Priority

  5. New Love (Reprise)