Hub-Tones - Freddie Hubbard

Hub-Tones - Freddie Hubbard


Creativity through constraints.

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Sometimes less really is more. At the time of it’s 1962 release, Freddie Hubbard’s Hub-Tones didn’t have the benefit of VST plugins or an endless amount of drum samples to pick from for recording. They had master tape, and limited time to record so, practicing during a session wasn’t really an option. Legendary cover designer Reid Miles didn’t have Adobe Illustrator or downloadable typefaces at his fingertips. Instead, he had to have an intimate knowledge of film photography, typography, and how to stretch the imagination within a square image. In the creative process, limitations can often lead to some of the best innovations. Hub-Tones stands apart in Blue Note’s catalog for pushing the jazz community past the be-bop era into what some call post-bop of the early 1960s. For the non-jazz nerd, Freddie used his trumpet to push the culture forward at a time when it was easier to do the thing he knew people already liked. And our ears, and record collections, are better for it! This 2019 reissue is a part of Blue Note’s 80th anniversary celebration series and is a collection essential.


Side A

  1. You're My Everything

  2. Prophet Jennings

  3. Hub-Tones

Side B

  1. Lament for Booker

  2. For Spee's Sake