In Effect Mode - Al B. Sure

In Effect Mode - Al B. Sure


If S-Curl had a sound, it was this.

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There's never been a shortage of dude running around singing in order to win the heart of some elusive lover. That said, the mid-to-late 1908's had a TON of them. Insert Al Be. Sure. The semi-falsetto crooner managed to score a monster of a single with "Nite and Day" for his 1988 In Effect Mode album. Other songs like his rendition of "Killing Me Softly" were, quite simply, not at all his lane. Still, that didn't stop the success of this album. The lead single was played everywhere there was an available speaker. Outside of "Nite and Day" the album has a few other overlooked gems ("Rescue Me" and "Just a Taste of Lovin'," for example) that fall in line with that same energy. 

This specific LP is in mint condition as it is an original pressing that has never been opened. A special record that, for sure, you'll enjoy only two times a day!


Side A - Nite! Time

  1. Nite And Day

  2. Oooh This Love Is So

  3. Killing Me Softly

  4. Naturally Mine

Side B - Day! Time

  1. Rescue Me

  2. Off On Your Own (Girl)

  3. If I'm Not Your Lover

  4. Just A Taste Of Lovin'