janet. - Janet Jackson

janet. - Janet Jackson


That’s the way a classic album goes.

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A few years removed from the worldwide success of Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814, Janet’s fifth studio album brought with it the same level of commercial wins alongside some once-in-a-lifetime moments. This was the first time since Control that she would be releasing music outside of A&M, the label she’d truly become an independent artist under. After signing with Virgin Records, she release janet. in 1993, again selling millions of records all over the world. However, this time, she was already a well-known entity. Her fanbase was growing as she was able to capture more age ranges with her maturing content. And, as a means of distancing herself from the “she needs writers” label, this was one of the first projects where she wrote the lyrics to each song and co-produced on each one as well. And it was just as good as anything she had release prior! While still working with Flyte Tyme, Janet began to own more of her work as an artist that hushed critics and started to place her in the same realm of stardom as her most famous sibling, Michael.


LP 1

Side A

  1. Morning

  2. That’s The Way Love Goes

  3. You Know

  4. You Want This

  5. Be A Good Boy

  6. If

Side B

  1. Back

  2. This Time

  3. Go One Miss Jane

  4. Throb

  5. What’ll I Do

  6. The Lounge

  7. Funky Big Band

LP 2

Side C

  1. Racism

  2. New Agenda

  3. Love Pt. 2

  4. Because of Love

  5. Wind

  6. Again

  7. Another Lover

  8. Where Are You Now

Side D

  1. Hold On Baby

  2. The Body That Loves You

  3. Rain

  4. Any Time, Any Place

  5. Are You Still Up

  6. Sweet Dreams

  7. Whoops Now