1999 - Joey Bada$$ [2x LP]

1999 - Joey Bada$$ [2x LP]


The first official vinyl release of Joey’s seminal debut to hip-hop fans worldwide. Limited to 1500 copies!

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Joey has become one of the most respected MC's in hip-hop and it all started with 1999. Originally released as a mixtape in 2012, 1999 set the stage for what "old school" hip-hop could sound like coming from a younger artist in the streaming era. It was gritty, honest, clever, and effortlessly embodied what many hold as the truest essence of rap music. This mixtape also introduced the world outside of Brooklyn, NY to the Pro Era collective. There are a lot of unofficial copies on vinyl but, this is the first official release and limited to 1500 copies.


  1. Summer Knights
  2. Waves
  3. FromdaTomb$
  4. Survival Tactics
  5. Killuminati
  6. Hardknock
  7. World Domination
  8. Pennyroyal
  9. Funky Ho'$
  10. Daily Routine
  11. Snakes
  12. Don't Front
  13. Righteous Minds
  14. Where It'$ At
  15. Third Eye S***