Johnny Gill - Johnny Gill

Johnny Gill - Johnny Gill


L.A. Reid and Flyte Tyme couldn’t miss and Johnny Gill’s self-titled album is another shining example of their hit factory at work.

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Johnny loves his name so much that this 1990 release is his second self-titled album (with his debut being the first in 1983). The potential was clear from his days in New Edition but, he didn't really break out as a solo artist until the success of this, second, Johnny Gill album. The clear hit, "My, My, My" displayed to listeners that there was more to pay attention to than whatever Bobby Brown was doing at the time. In addition to that though, there were album cuts like "Lady Dujour" and "Feels So Much Better" with Pebbles on the background vocals that also proved he could put together a solid album that had staying power. Few people are checking for that first Johnny Gill album but, this right here, is not to be missed!

The album jacket and record are both in mint condition.


Side A

  1. Rub You The Right Way
  2. Fairweather Friend
  3. Wrap My Body Tight
  4. Feels So Much Better
  5. Never Know Love

Side B

  1. My, My, My
  2. Lady Dujour
  3. Just Another Lonely Night
  4. Giving My All To You
  5. Let's Spend the Night
  6. My, My, My (Reprise)