Jungle Fever Soundtrack - Stevie Wonder

Jungle Fever Soundtrack - Stevie Wonder


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Even the most die-hard of Stevie Wonder fans would have to admit that the 80s and 90s sections of his catalogue don’t touch much of his earlier work. However, there was one moment in 1991 where Stevie managed to get back into the hearts and minds of listeners worldwide. He led the production efforts for the music for Spike Lee’s movie Jungle Fever. The title track was unavoidable at that time, a feat considering much of the world was still wrapping its collective mind around acts like those in the Native Tongues collective (A Tribe Called Quest, Queen Latifah, De La Soul and others) as well as the budding hip hop scene from the west coast. As with other Spike movies, it stirred a lot of feelings around interracial relationships and the soundtrack didn’t dance around the topic either. Not quite a Stevie Wonder classic, but one in his long list of albums that you should not be without!

This used LP and its sleeve are in near-mint (NM) condition.


Side A

  1. Fun Day

  2. Queen In The Black

  3. These Three Words

  4. Each Other’s Throat

  5. If She Breaks Your Heart

Side B

  1. Gotta Have You

  2. Make Sure You’re Sure

  3. Jungle Fever

  4. I Go Sailing

  5. Chemical Love

  6. Lighting Up The Candles