Leave It All Behind - The Foreign Exchange

Leave It All Behind - The Foreign Exchange


The other rapper turned singer…turned legendary group.

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In 2004, Phonte of Little Brother and Nicolay struck gold when they met over Myspace and worked virtually to create Connected, the debut album of the collective led by the two. Four years later, Phonte felt led to lean into more of his singing elements and forego many of the hip-hop roots of the first album by The Foreign Exchange. At the risk alienating the core audience that so loved their first album, both Phonte and Nicolay wisely agreed that if they were going to grow in this new direction then it was a risk worth taking. Not only did it work, it paved the way for grammy nominations and tours all over the world. The fans grew with them as artists and much of their current success is owed to this 2008 sophomore effort, Leave It All Behind. Strikingly honest and relatable tales of loved gained and lost set the backdrop of this album along with progress, often pad-driven sonics that feel like they’re intentionally guiding you through each song. Each song could be it’s own single but none sound like they were at all created to chase radio spins. This 2019 reissue is the first since it’s original release and is a staple in any record collection.


LP 1

Side A

  1. Daykeeper

  2. Take Off The Blues

  3. All Or Nothing/Coming Home To You

Side B

  1. I Wanna Know

  2. House Of Cards

  3. Sweeter Than You

  4. Valediction

LP 2

Side C

  1. If She Breaks Your Heart

  2. If This Is Love

Side D

  1. Something To Behold

  2. Leave It All Behind