Legacy! Legacy! - Jamila Woods

Legacy! Legacy! - Jamila Woods


The poet/singer/activist/teacher/artistic director/superwoman is back!

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Jamila Woods is back with Legacy! Legacy!, another full-length album to follow up her dynamic debut, HEAVN. It could be easy to assume she’s just been chillin’ in the interim but Woods keeps quite busy. In addition to touring, she serves as the Artistic Director at Young Chicago Authors, serves as the editor on other books of poetry, and still finds time to record! As for her sophomore album the song titles are more than just the names of historical black and brown icons of literature, art, and music. Jamila builds a sonic and lyrical monument to the various modes of how these icons tried to push beyond the margins a country had assigned to them. On “Sun Ra,” Woods sings “I just gotta get away from this earth, man / this marble was doomed from the start” and that type of dreaming and vision honors not only the legacy of Sun Ra, but the idea that there is a better future, and in it, there will still be black people. 


LP 1

Side A

  1. BETTY

  2. ZORA


Side B

  1. SONIA (feat. Nitty Scott)

  2. FRIDA


LP 2

Side C

  1. MILES

  2. MUDDY

  3. BASQUIAT (feat. Saba)

  4. SUN RA (feat. theMIND & Jasminfire)

Side D


  2. BALDWIN (feat. Nico Segal)

  3. BETTY (for Boogie)