Like Water for Chocolate - Common [Green and White Vinyl]

Like Water for Chocolate - Common [Green and White Vinyl]


With this production combined, meet Captain Soulquarian.

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It’s almost unreal that an album like this even happened. Common, a well-respected MC, got darn near every rapper, producer, singer, and other instrumentalist to take part in an expansive album that no doubt cemented his place in not only hip-hop but also the music industry as a whole. Yes, every artist involved is super gifted and has honed their skill. But, to convince a record label to pay for all of these features and production (at Electric Lady Studio) for an artist that, while great, wasn’t selling 4-5 million albums a pop like his Def Jam/Roc-A-Fella counterparts at that same time was…a stretch. Yet, somehow, Common managed to make that stretch happen with 2000’s Like Water For Chocolate. It’s peak crochet-pants wearing/almost-hotep Common-the hip-hop arm of the then very crowded neo-soul era. And it was a stellar album, pushing hip-hop further into live instrumentation backing with Questlove executive producing the entire album. Common took that label budget and made the most of it, even gaining what still holds today as a classic in his catalog, “The Light.” There are so many places to praise this project that singling out any one song is an injustice to all of them. An even greater injustice? Not having this staple in your record collection.

This 2015 reissue is even more special with the first LP being translucent green and the second being white!


LP 1

Side A

  1. Time Travelin’ (feat. Vinia Mojica, Roy Hargrove, & Femi Kuti)

  2. Heat

  3. Cold Blooded (feat. Rahzel, Roy Hargrove, and Black Thought)

  4. Dooinit

Side B

  1. The Light

  2. Funky For You (feat. Bilal)

  3. The Questions (feat. Mos Def)

  4. Time Travelin’ Reprise

LP 2

Side C

  1. The 6th Sense (feat. Bilal)

  2. A Film Called (PIMP) (feat. MC Lyte and Bilal)

  3. Nag Champa (Afrodesiac For The World)

  4. Thelonious (feat. Slum Village)

Side D

  1. Payback is a Grandmother

  2. Geto Heaven Part Two (feat. Macy Gray and D’Angelo)

  3. A Song For Assata (feat. Cee-Lo)

  4. Pops Rap III…All My Children (feat. Lonnie “Pops” Lynn)