Lost & Found - Jorja Smith

Lost & Found - Jorja Smith


When a teenage fantasy becomes a hit debut LP.

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West Midlands native Jorja Smith has been singing and writing songs for quite a while and releasing music since 2016. After catching the attention of artists like Drake, Kali Uchis, and Kendrick Lamar, it’s been nothing but escalation for her career since 2017. Lost & Found is Jorja’s debut studio album and is full of familiar (to long-time fans) songs as well as new material. After being featured on song with other artists, it was tough to see if that same magic would translate in a solo effort. Songs like “Teenage Fantasy” and “Blue Lights” put to rest any doubts by not only charting well but, also, helping us to gain a fuller introduction to what Jorja can create and perform as the lead on a song/album.


Side A

  1. Lost & Found

  2. Teenage Fantasy

  3. Where Did I Go?

  4. February 3rd

  5. On Your Own

  6. The One

Side B

  1. Wandering Romance

  2. Blue Lights

  3. Lifeboats (Freestyle)

  4. Goodbyes

  5. Tomorrow

  6. Don't Watch Me Cry