Lovers - Babyface

Lovers - Babyface


Don’t let the baby face fool you. This man meant business!

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The “Tender Lover” himself released his debut album, Lovers, almost exactly 32 years ago on SOLAR and never looked back. Folks didn’t quite know where to put him at the time but, by his sophomore LP, his songwriting, production, and vocal skills became undeniable. Lovers set Babyface up to be the clean-cut yet sultry crooner that R&B was looking for. The “bad boys” like Bobby Brown were running the world along with the super over singers like Keith Sweat. Babyface came through with a little tact and modesty that the industry (at that time) could slowly get behind. Lovers carried some solid album cuts such as “You Make Me Feel Brand New,” “If We Try,” and “Take Your Time.”

This used LP and its sleeve are in mint (M) condition!

  1. You Make Me Feel Brand New

  2. Lovers

  3. Chivalry

  4. I Love You Babe

Side B

  1. Mary Mack

  2. Faithful

  3. If We Try

  4. Take Your Time

  5. I Love You Babe (Reprise)