Madvillain Vol. 1 - Abstract Orchestra

Madvillain Vol. 1 - Abstract Orchestra

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Abstract Orchestra has captivated the ears of hip-hop lovers and with good reason. The Madvillain Vol. 1 covers of the classic-ascendant Madlib works are worthy of the praise. In an era where anyone can throw together a beat, bounce it up to Soundcloud, and then claim to be a producer, it’s imperative that the creations of people who have perfected their craft and voice be highlighted. And, Abstract Orchestra has masterfully found a way to highlight the genius of Madlib while also putting their own genius on display, complimenting without competing. Get Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 while you can as these are getting more and more difficult to come by!


Side A

  1. Accordion

  2. Curls

  3. All Caps

  4. Bistor

  5. Fancy Clown

  6. Raid

Side B

  1. Madmix 1

  2. Great Day

  3. Madmix 2