Madvillain, Vol. 2 - Abstract Orchestra

Madvillain, Vol. 2 - Abstract Orchestra

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Hailing from Leeds, U.K., big band Abstract Orchestra is consistently blurring the lines between hip-hop, jazz, and traditional big band music. Since 2017, they’ve released albums rooted in their love for hip-hop and directly connected to some of it’s most influential artists. Madlib and Dilla. Madvillain, Vol. 2 picks up where they left off from 2018’s Vol. 1, reducing and rebuilding songs from MF DOOM and Madlib’s creations together. Their stated inspiration of live hip-hop sets from backing bands like The Roots show in not only their song choices but also their engaging rearrangements of them. Vol. 2 is just as captivating as their other releases, if not more, and definitely a road hip-hop fans ought not leave less traveled.


Side A

  1. Mash Up 1

  2. Meat Grinder

  3. Figaro

  4. Eye

  5. Can’t Reform ‘Em

  6. Madmix 3

Side B

  1. Mash Up 2

  2. Rhinestone Cowboy

  3. Fire in the Hole

  4. Rainbows

  5. Borrowed Time

  6. Operation Lifesaver

  7. Air (feat. MF DOOM) (Abstract Orchestra Remix)