Max Roach + 4 at Newport - Max Roach

Max Roach + 4 at Newport - Max Roach


Give the drummer some.

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Most can pinpoint the Newport Jazz Festival of 1958 due to the Bert Stern documentary Jazz on a Summer’s Day which highlighted many of the now legendary acts that played that year. Among them was drummer Max Roach with his Plus Four group. The quintet released a few other albums together (live and studio) but most point back to this Newport performance as one of their shining moments together. There must have truly been something in the air that particular year as almost every had a watershed moment in their career while performing there. There are so many standouts that singling one out is almost unfair. But, if we’re choosing one today, Max Roach Plus Four have our vote of confidence.

This LP is a part of The Phyllis Collection and is in very good (VG) condition.


Side A

  1. Villa

  2. Night in Tunisia

Side B

  1. Tune-Up

  2. Minor Mode

  3. Love For Sale