Nina Simone Sings the Blues - Nina Simone

Nina Simone Sings the Blues - Nina Simone

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The case could easily be made that there was always and element of blues in Nina Simone’s music even prior to recording Nina Simone Sings the Blues. Leaning into the genre 100% for this album proved to be a natural, soul-filled fit. Covering everything from love lost on “My Man’s Gone Now” to civil rights protest anthems like “Backlash Blues” (written by the one and only Langston Hughes), Nina found a way to touch one just about every facet of life in eleven songs. This LP has been reissued a couple of times in recent years but, coming across an original like this one will take you clean out of “I just like album covers” territory and establish you as a collector who knows a thing or two.

This original pressing from 1967 is a part of The Phyllis Collection and is in good plus (G+) condition.

*Note, the two extra songs that are available for streaming were reissue addition in 2006.


Side A

  1. Do I Move You

  2. Day And Night

  3. In The Dark

  4. Real Deal

  5. My Man's Gone Now

  6. Backlash Blues

Side B

  1. I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl

  2. Buck

  3. Since I Fell For You

  4. The House Of The Rising Sun

  5. Blues For Mama