Nobody Has To Know - Onra

Nobody Has To Know - Onra


Onra can be your new fav…we won’t tell.

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Somebody said R&B needed some saving and, somehow, Onra seems to be right in the middle of that effort. The French DJ/Producer/Label owner has been cranking out his own tunes for a good while now. Coming right on the heels of the successful release of Devin Morrison’s Bussin’ (on Onra’s Nothing But Net label), Nobody Has To Know keeps that same energy, but with a New Jack Swing twist. This 2xLP instrumental LP will give you all the late 80’s/early 90’s R&B feels while still sounding fresh for today. If Onra isn’t one of your new favorite after listening to this album (or reaffirmed as a favorite), you should hurry to get your hearing checked. And, if this isn’t in your collection, also rectify that issue stat!


LP 1

Side A

  1. Prelude

  2. Secretly

  3. Let Me Fantasize

Side B

  1. Love Triangle

  2. No Question (feat. Pomrad)

  3. Wish I Could

LP 2

Side C

  1. The Jam

  2. Freak (feat. Lewis McCallum)

  3. Not Long Ago

Side D

  1. Wait A Minute

  2. Nothing to Lose

  3. 4U

  4. All the Time