Petite Afrique - Somi

Petite Afrique - Somi

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It’s been almost two years since Somi’s last full-length album release but Petite Afrique could have been released yesterday and we wouldn’t know otherwise. Somi’s always been an artist with a message but her critiques of America and being of African descent in America cut through the marrow and out the other side your soul! Her range is extensive yet her vocal control skills keep everything impressively balanced throughout the album with out it feeling like she’s holding back. Somi chose to only feature one other artist, Aloe Blacc on “The Gentry” while she handles the bulk of this fourteen track journey. Stories of her past and present fill the listener’s ear, drawing us into her own path while pushing us to examine our own at the same time. For the long-time fans, you know full well this album's ability to stop you in your tracks. For those new to Somi and Petite Afrique, buckle in and get ready to become a believer by adding this to your collection!


Side A

  1. Disappearing Act 1

  2. Alien

  3. Black Enough

  4. The Wild One

  5. They're Like Ghosts

  6. The Gentry (feat. – Aloe Blacc)

Side B

  1. Kadiatou The Beautiful

  2. Holy Room

  3. Disappearing Act 2

  4. Let Me

  5. BLUE

  6. Go Back To Your Country (Interlude)

  7. Like Dakar

  8. Midnight Angels