Invitation - Norman Connors

Invitation - Norman Connors


Right into your heart.

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Norman Connors = staying power! Originally starting off as a jazz musician in the late 1960’s, Connors eventually found his way into the world of R&B after various stints playing with other jazz musicians and as a leader. Likely scoring one of his biggest hits in 1976 with “You Are My Starship,” Connors didn’t stop there. He shifted record labels and eventually rode the Disco wave of the late 1970’s, adding another solid album to his discography, Invitation. Sampled a bit here and there by different Hip-Hop artists, Invitation was a good display of how one could adjust to the tastes of the time while not losing their own musical identity. Add this used gem to your collection today and ride that awkward yet soulful wave of R&B and Disco competing with one another.

This used LP and it’s sleeve are in near-mint (NM) condition.


Side A

  1. Your Love

  2. Handle Me Gently

  3. Be There In The Morning

  4. Invitation

  5. Together

Side B

  1. Disco Land

  2. I Have A Dream

  3. Beijo Partido

  4. Kingston