Please Rewind - Moonchild

Please Rewind - Moonchild


Think back. Press play. Let nobody disturb this groove!

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Most that love Moonchild now came to do so from their landmark album Voyager. However, there are plenty of you out there that know that Voyager is the group’s third album. Please Rewind, their sophomore effort, is where the really found their collective voice and began to wow audiences all over the world. Finally released on vinyl in early 2019, fans of the swinging soul Moonchild so effortlessly captures are finally able play this gem on the medium it deserves! While Voyager is no doubt one of the best releases of this modern soul era, Please Rewind is the foundation that album stands upon. Grab yourself a copy and think back a bit to the nascent greatness of this soon-to-be legendary group!


Side A

  1. All The Joy

  2. The Truth

  3. Nobody

  4. More Than Ever

  5. Just A Minute

Side B

  1. Don't Wake Me

  2. Winter Breeze

  3. I'll Make It Easy

  4. Please Rewind (Interlude)

  5. Moonlight