Pronounced Jah-Nay - Zhané [Orange Vinyl]

Pronounced Jah-Nay - Zhané [Orange Vinyl]


Sending all the love.

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From the halls of Temple University where Jean Norris and Renee Neufville met to the airwaves and ears all over the world, Zhané made quite an impact with their 1994 debut, Pronounced Jay-Nay. The platinum selling album has a few legit classics (“Hey Mr. D.J.,” “Sending My Love,” and “Groove Thang” to name a few) which is super rare for anyone, especially an unknown act. But that’s only part of what makes this album so special. In addition to the stellar songwriting (with Patrice Rushen and Stephanie Mills credited as influences) and production, they managed to do this in the post-New Jack Swing era. At that time, there were tons of R&B acts coming for the top spot. Music was inching away from that boom-bap feel (think Aaliyah, Monica, Brandy, etc.) and yet, Zhané managed to keep some of it while still adapting to changing musical tastes and produce an unforgettable album! There’s so much more that deserves to be said about what they achieve but, in this case, the music truly does speak for itself.

This 2019 re-issue is pressed on orange vinyl and will is most definitely one you need in your collection!


LP 1

Side A

  1. Hey Mr. D.J.

  2. Intro (Interlude)

  3. Vibe

  4. Sending My Love

  5. Sweet Taste Of Love

Side B

  1. Changes

  2. You're Sorry Now

  3. Love Me Today

LP 2

Side C

  1. Off My Mind

  2. La, La, La

  3. Groove Thang

Side D

  1. For a Reason

  2. Hey Mr. D.J. (Remix)

  3. Groove Thang (Remix)