Raise! - Earth Wind & Fire

Raise! - Earth Wind & Fire


No matter the era of music, Earth Wind & Fire has a groove to get the crowd to move.

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1981 (and the rest of the 80’s for that matter) often didn’t have a clue what it was doing! Music, hair, and should pads were all over the place. Greatness, however, knows how to adapt. In that weird in between space fo Disco fading out but New Jack Swing/Hip-Hop/the genre of however Prince and Madonna are defined took over, Earth Wind & Fire was still out making music to get people dancing. Raise! did just that in this genre-ambiguous era, impressively so considering traditional funk bands weren’t exactly the hottest ticket in town. “Let’s Groove” is no doubt the most remembered song and, true to the band’s DNA, it still jams today. Take in/relive the rest of the album below and add this one to your collection today.

This used LP and it’s sleeve are in very good (VG) condition.


Side A

  1. Let’s Groove

  2. Lady Sun

  3. My Love

  4. Evolution Orange

Side B

  1. Kalimba Tree

  2. You Are A Winner

  3. I’ve Had Enough

  4. Wanna Be With You

  5. The Changing Times