Rebirth of New Orleans - Rebirth Brass Band

Rebirth of New Orleans - Rebirth Brass Band


If you can’t dance to this, check your pulse.

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The history of New Orleans is as varied and rich as its present and future. But its future must include Rebirth Brass Band. The 30+ year old band is as critical to the city as any other local custom, landmark, or institution. They’ve won Grammy awards, performed a little bit of everywhere, and been the gold standard for brass bands well beyond NOLA borders. 2011’s Rebirth of New Orleans is just a taste of what makes their music so special, but it’s an adequate one as well. Even if you’re not from New Orleans, the journeys they take listeners on within each song take you right to Tremé each time. And, as should have been assumed, this is definitely get up and get to dancing music.


Side A

  1. Exactly Like You

  2. I Like It Like That

  3. You Know You Know

  4. The Dilemma

Side B

  1. Do It Again

  2. Why Your Feet Hurt

  3. AP Touro

  4. Let’s Go Get ‘Em