Return of the SP1200 - Pete Rock

Return of the SP1200 - Pete Rock


Soul spilling out of the SP. Still.

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Tru Soul brotha number 1 (who hasn’t ever really gone away) is back to bless us with what he does best-boom bap fresh out of the SP1200. Pete Rock, along with a slew of other producers from his era, took the E-mu SP1200 sampling and drum machine and stretched it well beyond what it’s creators had imagined possible. That’s the essence of hip-hop music creation at its core so, that’s only fitting. While hip-hop had grown and changed since Pete Rock’s early days, no one has quite been able to mimic what he does with samples. And no other emulator or piece of software has been able to replicate the sounds and feel of the music made on the SP1200. Knowing this, Pete Rock decided to dust off some old gems from this machine, tweak a few others, and help tell a story about where we are today as a society and within hip-hop (see the cover art for more details!). Return of the SP1200 is Pete Rock in his bag and at his best, and hip-hop purists and tourists alike won’t be able to find a way to be disappointed!


Side A

  1. Dreamer

  2. Harps of Heaven

  3. Round Midnight

  4. Hope the World Don’t Stop (before I get mines)

  5. Neo Funk

  6. Kool Jazz

  7. Gutta Music

Side B

  1. Death Becomes You (instrumental)

  2. Live From The Basement (up, up and away)

  3. Traveling Man

  4. Street Dreams

  5. Below O

  6. A Khalimba Story

  7. Food 4 Thought

  8. Take A Knee