Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814 - Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814 - Janet Jackson


We gon’ be alright.

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Janet’s solo music career got off to not the greatest start under her father, Joseph Jackson. After taking literal control and choosing what producers and writer she wanted to work with for her unofficial career reboot (with the album Control), Janet found the success she was after and a much-needed core production team. She worked well with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis on Control and decided to give it another go on 1989’s Rhythm Nation 1814. To say it was successful is almost an insult. For this album, Janet received 9 Grammy nominations and sold over six million copies. On top of all that, it was the best-selling album of 1990. She even got a Grammy nomination for one of the album’s two long-form music videos! There was a ton of good music produced during the late 1980’s but few have the honor of standing out as a true classic. Rhythm Nation 1814 definitely holds that honor and still holds strong over three decades later.


LP 1

Side A

  1. Interlude: Pledge

  2. Rhythm Nation

  3. Interlute: T.V.

  4. State Of The World

  5. Interlude: Race

  6. The Knowledge

Side B

  1. Interlude: Let’s Dance

  2. Miss You Much

  3. Interlude: Come Back Interlude

  4. Love Will Never Do (Without You)

  5. Livin’ In A World (They Didn’t Make)

LP 2

Side C

  1. Alright

  2. Interlude: Hey Babay

  3. Escapade

  4. lnterlude: No Acid

  5. Black Cat

Side D

  1. Lonely

  2. Come Back To Me

  3. Someday Is Tonight

  4. Interlude: Livin’ In Complete Darkness