Rhythm Nation 1814 - Janet Jackson

Rhythm Nation 1814 - Janet Jackson


Janet + Jimmy + Terry = Still knocks almost 30 years later.

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She didn’t ask you to wait a while. She told you to. It was a command because, after all, Janet was in control. And by the time she released Rhythm Nation 1814, the whole world was under Janet’s dominion. Backed by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Janet set the stage for the fullness of what New Jack Swing could sound like as well as what it could look like. The choreography that accompanied hits like “Alright” (which had an epic mini-movie of a video!) and title track “Rhythm Nation” (dare we say) help set the bar for later acts like Beyoncé. Really, this LP is mandatory for your collection. And we miiiiight clown you if you let this one get away!

This used LP and it’s jacket are in near-mint (NM) condition.


Side A

  1. Interlude: Pledge

  2. Rhythm Nation

  3. State of the World

  4. The Knowledge

  5. Miss You Much

  6. Love Will Never Do (Without You)

  7. Livin’ In A World (They Didn’t Make)

Side B

  1. Alright

  2. Escapade

  3. Black Cat

  4. Lonely

  5. Come Back To Me

  6. Someday Is Tonight

  7. Interlude: Livin’…In Complete Darkness