Speak No Evil - Wayne Shorter

Speak No Evil - Wayne Shorter


Essential Jazz 101.

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Wayne Shorter has been out here defining and redefining what jazz music can sound like with his saxophone for decades now. Speak No Evil is no doubt one of Jazz music's pillar albums to not only enjoy listening to but, also, to study. True students of the Jazz game know his skill in standard-setting but the accompanying musicians where no slouches either. This album has just about every element of what makes Jazz music swing, sway, and stand apart from other music forms. Grab this re-issued greatness for your vinyl collection and take a trip back with the living legend.


Side A

  1. Witch Hunt
  2. Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum
  3. Dance Cadaverous

Side B

  1. Speak No Evil
  2. Infant Eyes
  3. Wild Flower