SYRE - Jaden Smith

SYRE - Jaden Smith

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Jaden Smith’s 2017 album, SYRE, only took those by surprise who preemptively wrote him of as some sort of hip-hop tourist. Forfans of Jaden’s music, though, they were already well aware of his budding skill on the mic from a handful of mixtapes in years prior, some of which showed some real potential quite early on. Sure, it gets a little too insider knowledge-y at points, and too rich kid-ish at some others, but it is authentic. Added to that SYRE is cohesive in its mix of teenage angst (“Hope” and “Lost Boy”) and young adult braggadocio (“Icon” and “Watch Me”). It is a solid, sometimes ethereal album front-to-back and leading a wave of artists that, unfortunately, Jaden doesn’t get the credit for.


LP 1

Side A

  1. B

  2. L

  3. U

  4. E

  5. Breakfast (feat. – ASAP Rocky)

Side B

  1. Hope

  2. Falcon (feat. – Raury)

  3. Ninety

LP 2

Side C

  1. Lost Boy

  2. Batman

  3. Icon

Side D

  1. Watch Me

  2. Fallen

  3. The Passion

  4. George Jeff

  5. Rapper

  6. SYRE