The Color Purple Soundtrack - Quincy Jones

The Color Purple Soundtrack - Quincy Jones

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The Steven Spielberg-directed classic, The Color Purple, was just as important for its score as it was for the story and cinematic accomplishments. Quincy Jones added to his list of movie score credits by producing the score for this film and even bringing actors into the fold, one of which being none other than Oprah Winfrey. With orchestration that is at times dreamy and others bluesy and striking, Jones was able to accurately match the mood and tone of the film while telling a story all his own as well.

This specific copy for sale is the original from 1986 and is still sealed!



LP 1

Side A

  1. Overture

    1. Miss Celie's Blues

    2. Celie Leaves With Mr.

    3. Celie Cooks Shug Breakfast

    4. Nettie Teaches Celie

    5. Sophia's Walk

    6. Makidada

    7. Champagne Train

    8. Mailbox / Proud Theme

    9. Mailbox

  2. Main Title

  3. Celie Leaves With Mr.

  4. Corrine And Olivia

  5. Nettie Teaches Celie

  6. The Separation

Side B

  1. Celie And Harpo Grow Up / Mr. Dresses To See Shug

  2. Careless Love

  3. Sophia Leaves Harpo

  4. Celie Cooks Shug Breakfast

  5. Junk Bucket Blues

  6. The Dirty Dozens

  7. Miss Celie's Blues

  8. Don't Make Me No Never Mind

  9. My Heart (Will Always Lead Me Back To You)

  10. Three On The Road

  11. Bus Pulls Out

LP 2

Side C
C1The First Letter5:03

C2Letter Search3:06

C3Nettie's Letter1:00

C4High Life / Proud Theme1:12

C5J.B. King0:37

C6Heaven Belongs To You1:02

C7Katutoka Corrine1:01

C8Celie Shaves Mr. / Scarification Ceremony3:11

Side D
D1I'm Here1:52

D2Champagne Train2:36

D3Celie's New House / Body And Soul2:35

D4Maybe God Is Tryin' To Tell You Sometin'4:44

D5Reunion / Finale